What is the internet of things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet — essentially a "Connected Everything Platform."

These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. When objects can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them.

Interaction among physical things and virtual technology platforms in consumer applications of IoT are already flourishing—from connected cars, to smart thermostats to pet trackers and even wearables. IoT has already made a positive impact in many of our lives.

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IoT Capabilities Offer New OpportunitiesIoT is connecting new places—such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation systems—to the Internet.

When an object can represent itself digitally, it can be controlled from anywhere.

This connectivity means more data, gathered from more places, with more ways to: increase efficiency, innovate in product development, increase asset utilization, enhance the customer experience, streamline the supply chain, and improve safety and security.

We help clients become “Enterprises of Things”Many startup companies are exploring how the IoT-centric innovations can benefit the enterprise setting.

Big HooHaa helps these companies realise their aspirations by ensuring they maximise their business potential.

It’s not just about the product. Marketing, funding, legal and commercial issues along with core business focus are all critical elements that must also be considered to achieve success.

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